Road Freight

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Road Freight

Road freight is a fast and affordable transport solution. There are a number of road transport options available to customers including groupage and full loads. Over time we have established a network of partners meaning we can provide cost effective road transport to anywhere to/from Europe. We understand that speed and reliability are essential when transporting goods via road. Our road freight service has been designed to address these issues while providing unmatched customer service.

Road Freight Exports

  • Road Freight Services from Cork to Europe

  • Full Load, Part Load, or Groupage

  • Competitive and Cost Effective Pricing

  • Daily Pick-Ups/Collections

  • Shipper and Consignee Pre-Alerted to all Shipments

  • Tracking Included

  • Multiple Carrier Options

Road Freight Imports

  • Services to Cork from Europe

  • Full Load, Part Load, or Groupage

  • Competitive and Cost Effective Pricing

  • Daily Pick-Ups from Suppliers

  • All Shipments Pre-Alerted

  • Multiple Carrier Options

  • Tracking Included

Road Freight Transport Options

All shipments are co-ordinated with our colleagues at the World Freight Network or International Hauliers/Carriers.

  • Door/Door

  • Door/Agent

  • Door/Customer

  • Different Carriers for Different Countries

Greyhound Express Freight partners with different carriers in different destinations/origins. This allows us to optimise service and price depending on the destination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is road freight forwarding?

    Road freight forwarding, also known as haulage or road transport, is the transport of items, typically in a truck, from one country to another using the roadways.

  • What are the benefits of road freight?

    Road freight is usually the most popular transport option. This is because transporting items by road is because of its speed and it’s pricing. While air freight may be quicker getting your item to another country, using haulage companies is a much cheaper option. This makes it the most suitable transport solution for short distances.

  • What items can be transported with road freight?

    Pretty much anything can transported In trucks. Food products, raw materials, livestock, electronic goods, fabrics, waste, beverages, machinery, chemicals, and nearly anything else you can think of can be delivered to another country via road freight.