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International Freight Forwarding & Customs Brokerage

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Welcome to Greyhound Express Freight LTD 

Established in 1985 privately owned, Greyhound Express Freight LTD is one of one of Ireland's oldest Independent freight forwarders.
Operating in Dublin, Cork, Shannon & Belfast we provide international transport solutions via Air, Sea, Road and Courier. We offer tailor made solutions, addressing the requirements of each client. We base our solution on what you the client require as opposed to you fitting into our system.


We offer International customs clearance on both an inbound & outbound platform. We have direct electronic access to Customs/Revenue and we have a Customs account for the transfer of any duties or taxes due on Importation.

At our warehouse close to Cork Airport we operate an International Customs bond. In cooperation with the Customs/Revenue we have permission to bring International (Non-Eu) goods direct to our warehouse for processing before delivery.


There are many benefits when choosing Greyhound Express Freight LTD as your customs clearance agents. We operate a "special" Customs procedure which allows us to release goods to our client without the prior need to have the actual Customs Clearance completed. This is aimed at our business clients and details available on request.

Brexit Ready Customs Brokers

As experienced customs clearance agents, Greyhound Express Freight LTD provides international customs clearance and brokerage services for all import/export shipments in & out of Ireland. As experienced customs brokers, we can assist with customs at any Irish port or airport.


All our customs procedures are Brexit ready. We have practices in place that allow for easy customs clearance now that Brexit has come into action. When importing/exporting from/to the U.K. a Customs procedure will need to be effected. We understand that this can cause some confusion for our clients. However, we are fully prepared for that occasion and we can guide you through the entire process. By choosing a reliable customs clearance agent, your business can continue to run smoothly, safe in the knowledge that all improting and exporting processes are being handled efficiently. 

Greyhound Express Freight LTD FAQs

  • What is the Freight Forwarding process?

    Generally speaking, the freight forwarding process can be broken down into seven stages

    - The first stage is transporting goods from the customer’s warehouse to the designated freight forwarders’ warehouse. In the industry, this is referred to as export haulage.

    - The second stage is an evaluation and inspection that ensures all the goods have arrived successfully

    - The Third Stage involves the freight forwarding company submitting all necessary documentation to custom agents.

    - The fourth stage involves the process of having the goods received.

    - The fifth stage involves the destination country receiving all the documentation related to the goods being transported

    - The sixth stage is only possible after the above five stages are completed. This stage is the physically shipping the goods to the destination country

    - The destination county receives the shipped goods.


    For more information on the freight forwarding process, get in contact with our Cork freight forwarding offices today.

  • What freight forwarder services does Greyhound Express Freight Limited provide?

    At the most basic level our freight forwarding service provides:

    - The tracking of inland transportation

    - Preparation of export and shipping documentation

    - Warehousing

    - Booking and arranging cargo space

    - Discussing and negotiating freight charges

    - Cargo Insurance

    - Insurance claim filing