Customs Clearance/Brexit

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Standard Customs Clearance Services

  • Import Clearance 
  • Export Declarations
  • Car Customs Clearance
  • Import from China clearance
  • Personal Effects-TOR

Special Services

  • Traces: CHED-P/CHED-A
  • T2L
  • TemporaryAdmission
  • Inward Processing
  • Outward Processing
  • Bonded warehouse

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Customs Clearance/Brexit

Due to Brexit, Great Britain and Northern Ireland are no longer part of the European Union. Therefore the rules that govern trade with non-EU countries now apply to trade with Great Britain. Our effective and professional custom clearance services facilitate the smooth transition of goods from the UK to Ireland and vice-versa. Our service ensures that all necessary taxes, charges and regulations are met and collected in accordance with the very latest trade agreements between the EU and the United Kingdom.

Importation of any goods that are shipped from the UK into Ireland are subject to Customs clearance procedures. This in effect means that Importers need to declare their purchases and pay any import duty or Vat which is applicable. Everybody is subject to this from the largest multinational to the individual purchasing on the Internet at home in the evening.


As highly experienced and knowledgable Customs Clearance Agents in Ireland, Greyhound Express can assist with these clearances. We have electronic access to the Revenue/Customs site and we also have a payment system set up with them for any payments that are due. We have our own credit card machine here for payments from clients.


As we have the quickest customs clearance service at Cork Airport. We operate what is known as our "LCP" service. This permits Greyhound to retrieve uncleared goods from the airport customs bond and deliver to our clients without the need for the clearance to happen before hand. We then have 30 days to provide evidence of the clearance. This service would be aimed at Business clients.

Customs Bonded Facility

With Greyhound Express Freight LTD, you can avail of our customs bonded facility. Overseas imports can be shipped directly to our own customs controlled warehouse for brokerage and handling. We offer extremely completive rates for both long term and short term storage. Once customs has been cleared we can arrange for delivery of the item directly to you or for collection from our customs bonded warehouse.

Brexit Ready Customs

At Greyhound Express Freight LTD, we have multiple procedures in place to ensure that we are ready for Brexit. Customs clearance and other requirements for importing from Britain are changing due to Brexit. Our team is ready and we have implement these new procedures now that Brexit has officially taken place. This means that there will be no delay or slow down in our customs brokerage service. Greyhound Express Freight LTD will continue to operate customs clearance as normal.

Customs Clearance Agent Ireland

We one of the longest established customs clearance agents in Ireland. Throughout the Brexit process, we have helped companies ensure their imports can continue unencumbered while conforming to the new legal standards.


Our experienced, knowledgeable and professional custom clearance agents make use of our extensive network – which is available in most Irish transport hubs – to assist in clearing all types of potential custom issues.

Our as standard custom clearance agent services include:

Custom Clearance

Our Expertise on the very latest custom regulations can save you time and money

Export Customs Documents

We ensure your export custom documents are completed in accordance with the very latest regulations


Freight Forwarding

Our network and presence in most of Ireland's main transport hubs means we can effectively ship and forward freights on behalf of our clients

Need a Customs Clearance Agent in Ireland? Please get in contact with our helpful customer service team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is customs clearance?

    Customs clearance is the process of passing goods into Ireland that have been sent from outside the EU. Customs duties must be paid on the imported item before they can be received by the customer or allowed into the country (outside of the airport or port). As Customs Clearance Agents in Ireland, Greyhound Express Freight LTD can help clients with customs clearance. 

  • How is customs duty calculated?

    To release your item from customs the customs duty or fee must be paid. The duty is calculated as a percentage of customs value of the item. The customs value is the cost of the item itself plus the cost of insurance plus the cost of the shipping.

  • What does a customs broker do?

    As customs brokers, also known as Customs Clearance Agents, Greyhound Express Freight will arrange for the payment of customs duty, prepare and process all import documents according to customs regulations and laws, sign documents on behalf of our clients, and arrange for delivery of the item once customs has been cleared.

  • How long does customs clearance take?

    Customs clearance and release can take anywhere from 20 minutes to several days depending on the item, how busy customs is, and other changing circumstances. Greyhound Express Freight has a local customs contract with Cork airport meaning any items will pass through clearance and can be released on the same day as arrival.

  • What documents are required for customs clearance?

    There are many documents required for customs clearance. These include a Bill of Entry, Commercial Invoice, Import Licence, Insurance Certificate, Purchase Order, and more. As your customs broker, Greyhound Express Freight will look after all documentation on your behalf and ensure compliance with all requirements.