Customs Clearance Dublin

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Customs Clearance in Dublin

Customs clearance in Dublin can be a complex process, but this is where Greyhound Express Freight LTD comes in to help and assist you with every step of the operation.

Greyhound Express Freight LTD has dedicated itself to customs clearance in Dublin and is one of the experts in the industry.

Our experienced, professional and friendly team will advise and explain all documentation to ensure that your items have an effective and smooth passage through customs.

Our customs clearance in Dublin professionals at Greyhound Express Freight LTD are here to take care of the complex procedures and regulations. As well, we will calculate all taxes due on your items so that we can ensure it will be released and received by you in a timely and efficient manner.

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Our Customs Clearance In Dublin Services

At Greyhound Express Freight LTD, we offer customer clearance in Dublin services for both imports and exports. See below the list of services we offer for import and exports.


  • Customs Clearance in Dublin Imports

  • Direct links with Customs and Excise

  • Calculation of Import VAT and Duty Rates Payable

  • Advising on Customs Duty Tariff Codes and Procedures

  • Temporary Imports

  • Help Completing All Import Application Types


  • Customs Clearance in Dublin Exports

  • Certified Export Forms

  • Help Completing All Export Forms and Documents

Custom Clearance Solutions

Our services are designed from the ground up to save clients money and time. By leveraging our decades of custom clearance experience, we streamline the entire process. Our agents are always upskilling ensuring their expertise are in line with the latest regulations. This is essential due to the change in custom laws following Brexit.

Custom Documentation

Along with the logistical challenges associated with customs clearance we also handle all paperwork on behalf of our clients. Everything is prepared and filed according to the very latest regulations.

Our agents are experts in all things related to paperwork compliance.

Intrastat Preparation

Need help with your intrastate preparation? We compile both your Intrastat and VIES requirements. This legal requirement can be a time-intensive task if done internally within your company. We ensure the competency of your Intrastat and VIES requirements allowing your business to concentrate on profit-generating activities.

Freight Forwarding

Our expertise extends to organising the most reliable and cost-effective shipment solutions. We have decades of experience arranging freight forwarding by air, land or sea. Our emphasis on organisation and cost makes us a favourite with Irish businesses of all sizes.

The Role of a Custom Clearance Agent

A customs clearance agent is responsible for ensuring that all goods entering or leaving a country to comply with customs regulations. They may also be responsible for preparing and submitting customs declarations, and for paying any duties and taxes owed.

Tips to ensure goods pass through customs

1. Make sure all required documentation is completed and accurate.

2. Make sure the goods are properly packaged and labelled.

3. Pay any required duties and taxes.

4. Be prepared to provide additional information or documentation if requested by customs officials.

To learn more about our customs clearance in Dublin services, please contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Customs Clearance in Dublin

  • What Is Customs Clearance in Dublin?

    The process of goods coming in and out of Ireland sent from outside the EU is what customs clearance in Dublin is. Greyhound Express Freight LTD are customs clearance agents based in Ireland that help clients with all custom clearance processes.

  • What Do Customs Clearance Agents in Dublin Do?

    Also known as customs brokers, Greyhound Express Freight has an expert team of custom clearance agents in Dublin that will help clients arrange for the payment of any customs duties, prepare and process all import and export documents, and arrange the delivery of items as well.

  • How Long Does Customs Clearance in Dublin Take?

    The process of customs clearance in Dublin and release of items can take anywhere from 20 minutes to multiple days. This all depends on the item, how busy customs is, and other ever-changing circumstances. To learn more, contact the team at Greyhound Express Freight today.