Car Clearance

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Car Clearance

Greyhound Express Fright offers extensive car customs clearance for vehicles imported to Ireland from the UK, Northern Ireland, and Japan, ensuring full compliance to all rules and regulations, meaning that we’ll look after the paperwork and ensure you’re on the road in no time!


Importation from Northern Ireland and the UK:

Greyhound Express Freight excels in handling the customs clearance process for cars arriving from Northern Ireland and the UK. We import cars, trucks, and special vehicles, and will help customers with disabilities to attain the relief which they are entitled to.  


Importation from Japan:

Importing cars from Japan involves a distinct set of procedures. Greyhound Express Freight leverages its expertise to navigate the complexities, guaranteeing a hassle-free customs clearance process which includes customs declarations and compliance with Irish regulations.

Trucks and Special Vehicle Customs Clearance

VAT and Duty Regulations:

Understanding the nuances of Irish VAT and duty regulations is crucial. Greyhound Express Freight ensures accurate calculations and timely payments, mitigating the risk of delays and penalties.



Emissions and Environmental Standards:

Ireland places a high premium on environmental standards. Our customs clearance process includes adherence to emission and environmental regulations, guaranteeing that imported vehicles meet the stipulated criteria.

Reliefs for cars for people with disabilities

VAT Relief:

Disabled accessible cars may qualify for VAT relief upon importation. Greyhound Express Freight assists in availing these reliefs, ensuring cost-effectiveness for their clients.


Customs Duty Exemption:

A solid understanding of customs duty exemptions will help streamline the importation process. Our experts ensure that eligible disabled accessible cars benefit from duty exemptions during the customs clearance process.


Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) Relief:

Greyhound Express Freight is well-versed in securing VRT relief for imported disabled accessible cars, reducing the financial burden on clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What documents are required for customs clearance?

    Essential documents include the bill of lading, commercial invoice, and vehicle registration details. Our experts guide you through the documentation maze.

  • How long does the customs clearance process take?

    The timeline varies, but with our efficient processes, we strive to expedite clearance without compromising accuracy.

  • What role does Greyhound Express Freight play in compliance?

    We serve as your compliance partner, ensuring that every aspect of customs clearance aligns with Irish laws and regulations.

  • Can individuals avail of these services, or is it exclusive to businesses?

    Both individuals and businesses can benefit from Greyhound Express Freight's expertise in customs clearance for disabled accessible cars, trucks, and special vehicles.